Cafeteria Information

Important notice for parents & guardians regarding cafeteria service for the school year.

Cobequid Schools Catering Society is the food service provider for Tatamagouche Elementary.  The Cobequid Schools Catering Society announced that the price for a main meal and milk will increase in September 2015 to $4.00.  This is an increase of $0.25.  The price increase was necessary to offset increases in milk prices, minimum wage, and food costs.  The “Society” works very hard to keep meal prices as low as possible and will continue to do so.  The Cobequid Schools Catering Society is a non-profit food service provider and any proceeds in excess of costs are returned to the school.

The main meal with milk or juice is $ 4.00.

The price of the meal with a 250 ml chocolate milk will be $4.75.

The kitchen will continue to have a variety of snack type items with prices ranging from 50 cents to $1.00.

Menus showing the daily lunch special and order forms are printed and sent home before the beginning of each month. Students can order daily, or in advance.  Orders are taken first thing in the morning to ensure that enough food is prepared.  If your child will be late to school, but is ordering hot lunch, please call the school to let us know.  If a child has ordered lunch, but is absent, a credit will be given on the next month’s order form; please mention this when you call to excuse your child and a message will be given to the kitchen to not prepare a lunch for your child that day. If a child has forgotten his or her lunch, a hot lunch will be provided and a note will be sent home from the cafeteria requesting payment.

A microwave is available for students in grades 4-6 only.  Students who use the microwave do so independently and are responsible for carrying their heated lunch back to their classroom.  The microwave is not available to students in grades P-3.  Students in grades P-3 who are not ordering hot lunch must bring a lunch that does not require heating.

We thank you for supporting your school cafeteria.


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