Parent Portal and Student Assessment


As most of you will know, Tatamagouche Elementary school now uses the CCRSB’s program, ”Powerschool.”  This online system creates an interface between school and home which enables a system of communication for parents to access information about their child’s daily attendance and schedule, report card, daily/weekly school announcements, and subject specific assessments.

Each parent/legal guardian can have access to their child(ren)’s account by using a personalized log-in which is available from their school.  All parents/guardians of current school children should now have their log-in and password details.  If you have lost or forgotten those details, please contact the school and we will re-issue the password and log-in for you.

This year, as a school, we are piloting the assessment piece of Powerschool, which is contained within what the teachers call “gradebook.”  Therefore, you will also be able to see how your child is doing in a particular subject.  This means that teachers will be recording how your child is doing in a specific learning outcome that they are covering in class.

As it is a pilot year, we are gradually adding assessments for all subjects, but this year our grades Primary to 3 teachers will be assessing and recording how your child is doing in particular Math outcomes and grades 4-6 will be assessing and recording levels in ELA outcomes.

From Monday, 7th October, you should be able to log-in and see a minimum of 2 assessment pieces per calendar month and the number you will see will be from 1-4 for each piece of work assessed. These numbers represent “levels” and we have illustrated these levels to the children as a graphic image, similar to the one in the attachment below.

There is a comprehensive website that parents can go to find out more about how to use this portal. You can access that information here.