Edible Schoolyard



Please check out Tatamagouche Edible Schoolyard Blog for photos of ongoing activities!



Tatamagouche Elementary School launched the Tatamagouche Edible Schoolyard in the Spring of 2011.

The idea is for students and community members to work together to plant, tend, and harvest a garden and incorporate the healthy foods into the school lunch program.  Not only is it a great learning experience for students, but studies have proven that children are more open to eating healthy foods if they have been involved in the process.  It’s fun for kids to eat foods they’ve grown themselves!


The Edible Schoolyard Program is explained on a new DVD produced by Slow Food Nova Scotia.  Copies of this DVD are available in all 77 public library locations in Nova Scotia.  Slow Food Nova Scotia is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 to counteract fast food. Led by chef Michael Howell, it teaches the importance of eating healthy food that's grown close to home. 

 To learn more about Slow Food Nova Scotia, visit www.slowfoodns.ca.


Please check out Tatamagouche Edible Schoolyard Blog for photos of ongoing activities!


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